About us

It all began in the distant 1950s when Grandma Jole and Grandpa Amedeo, with their little three- wheeled Ape, traveled through the small towns located in Our Mountains to sell fabrics.

Then, the first pedal-operated sewing machine arrived with which Grandma accomplished her first creations, from the simple pair of pants, which most of the time were paid by the customer in installments, to the wedding dress.

Later on, the sewing machines became two, then three until a real workshop was set up, specializing in the clothing field while also providing employment to several women in town.

In the meantime, Grandpa Amedeo continued with his work as a traveling salesman, making himself known throughout the Dolomites selling the products made by Grandma Jole.

Between 1959 and 1964 the family expanded. Elisabetta, Ida and Annalisa grew up quickly amongst fabrics and markets, learning from an early age the art of creating and selling.

In the 1980s Grandma Jole, a very resourceful, ingenious and enterprising person, with a passion for Tyrol, had the intuition to begin sewing curtains for houses located in the mountains and to open a shop in Val di Fassa, still currently managed by Annalisa.

While Elisabetta collaborated with her husband in the restaurant business, Ida carried on the family business together with her daughter Veronica. Initially they operated primarily in the Asiago plateau area, yet they quickly expanded their operations by opening two shops in Val Gardena in 2016, continuing the work of Grandma Jole and Grandpa Amedeo with great passion and dedication.

Our products are born from this passion handed down from generation to generation.