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The feeling of being in a mountain chalet, the warmth of wood and the softness of a red quilt. The crackling of wood in the fireplace and an atmosphere of relaxation that spreads through the room. From the kitchen to the bedroom the Tyrolean fabrics can be used to bring a touch of color and warmth to all the rooms and give them a rustic and authentic allure. A riot of stylized and simple natural motifs, iconic of a genuine lifestyle in which the link with nature is really strong on the part of those who experience it every day. Thanks to Tyrolean fabrics it will be easy to recreate the environment of a cabin directly in your homes, dressing them up with blankets, curtains and cushions in thematic looks.

“I have dedicated my whole life to family and work.
My strengths? Determination and being willing to get your hands dirty.
I am an atypical entrepreneur. I dedicate most of my day to the workshop, involving my
employees in the various projects, as in a family. My right arm is my daughter.
Together we are always looking to improve while remaining closely connected to
tradition.” IDA

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